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Seonjeong-neung is tomb of old kings, and it is called Seonjeong-neung as a combination of Seon-neung and Jeong-neug. The Neung of two kings is designated as the 199th historical site to act as a green park area where people can enjoy walks nd reaxation

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The representing temple Bongeunsa of Gangnam has kept a long history in a serene Zen meditation within the city. Seonbuldang of Sunbangin (The 64th tangible cultural asset of Seoul) was reconstructed in 1941 and it is known for its unique structures. [more..]

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COEX(COEX)opened in July of 1979 as the first synthetic exhibition in Korea. Exhibitions never stop for the whole year. The total size is 1,100 pyeong scale which is the largest scale of facility of exhibition. [more..]

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It is the road from Dosan-daero to Apgujeong-ro and has about 160 thick trees along the street, there are cafes, restaurants, and designers' fashion stores that are packed on both sides.[more..]

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Rodeo Streets of Apgujeong

As the Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills became the famous place of fashion, 'Rodeo Street' became known for the fashion leaders of trend and youth culture. In Korea, Apgujeong is the Rodeo Drive. There are numerous fashion shops, fortune telling, and many other theme café.[more..]

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Han river park

The Jamwonji-gu riverside of Han River has wide green grass and other sports facilities. Many families visit the park on the weekends for a picnic. Especially, a tennis court for the disabled is arranged.[more..]

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